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Cremation ID Guarantee

Cremation Integrity Guaranteed

Logan Funeral Homes offers this guarantee to ensure you that your loved ones’ remains are respectfully cared for before, during, and after cremation.

We utilize sophisticated identification procedures similar to those used in hospitals to give you and your loved ones peace of mind and a high degree of confidence in the cremation process.

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Discover peace of mind with our Cremation Integrity Guarantee. Contact us today to learn more. 

Because we at Logan Funeral Homes are committed to providing safe, secure and compassionate cremation services, we offer a Cremation Integrity Guarantee. This is our prorruse to you that we will respectfully care for your loved one's remains before, during, and after the cremation. 

When you choose us to carry out your loved one's cremation, we realize that you are placing an enormous amount of trust in our staff. We want to assure you that we will treat your loved one with the utmost respect and return their cremated remains safely to you. 

We utilize sophisticated identification procedures similar to those used in hospitals to give you and your loved ones peace of mind and a high degree of confidence in our cremation process through adherence to the following 0-Point Cremation Assurance Process. If you have questions or concerns about any of these steps, please ask us. 

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Contact us for a FREE copy of our Cremation Integrity Guaranteed brochure or Download it here.

1. Compassionate Care for Your Loved One

When your loved one arrives at Logan Funeral Homes, they will remain in the shelter of our expert care. A representative from our Funeral Home will carefully transfer your loved one to Delaware County Crematory (please ask us about our relationship with this Crematory). At that time, a Certified Cremation Specialist will manage and supervise every phase of the cremation. 

4. Positive Identification by the Family

This is a critical step that we complete before each and every cremation. After our staff prepares your loved one in a gown or the clothing of your choice, we will ask you or a family representative to confirm your loved one's identity. You may also use this time for a family viewing, which will give you a chance to say goodbye before the cremation. If you choose not to participate in this step, we will ask you to provide us with a current photo ID so our staff can positively identify your loved one. 

8. Safeguarding Remains After the Cremation

After the cremation is complete, a Certified Cremation Specialist will place your loved one's cremated remains along with the PIN tag into the urn selected by your family. We then place the identification sticker inside the urn with the ashes and file a second identification sticker inside the urn with the ashes and file a second identification card in our permanent records. 

2. Personal Identification Tracking System

We use a high-tech tracking system at our Funeral Home and Crematory to assure that your loved one remains safe and secure throughout the cremation process. As soon as your loved one arrives at our Funeral Home, we assign them a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is stamped into a metal tag and logged into our computer tracking system. This allows us to track every phase of the cremation process—from the moment your loved one enters our care to the moment we return the cremated remains to you. 

5. Meticulous Documentation and Paperwork Certification

Our professional staff will carefully manage all critical paperwork to ensure permits, authorizations, cremation schedule and other necessary items have been properly documented. 

6. Cremation Control Log

We maintain a thorough control log that tracks the important details for your loved one's cremation. This log includes your loved one's name, critical dates and times, and all cremation technicians involved throughout the process. 

9. Coordination with Out-of-Town Providers 

If you have pre-planned a basic cremation service with Logan Funeral Homes and your loved passes away outside our service area (but still within the continental U.S.), we will carefully coordinate with another cremation provider in that area. Our caring staff will ensure that this out-of-town provider honors your plan at no additional cost. 

3. Open Door Policy

We are extremely proud of the first-class facilities at Logan Funeral Homes and Delaware County Crematory. We maintain an open door policy and strive to make these facilities as accommodating and accessible to families as possible. You are welcome to inspect these facilities as well as attend or witness the cremation process. 

7. Identification During Cremation

The PIN tag assigned to your loved one remains with either the body or ashes at all times before during and after cremation. This enables us to keep track of your loved one every step of the way 

10. Unique Tributes, Gatherings, and Celebrations of Life

We encourage families to hold a meaningful tribute or service before or after the cremation as a final goodbye to their loved one. At Logan Funeral Homes, our attentive staff specializes in creating unforgettable tributes to honor and celebrate each one-of-a-kind life. We will listen to your stories, gather your ideas, and arrange a memorable service to share your loved one's life. Whether you want to hold a visitation prior to the cremation, a traditional ceremony at your church or our chapel, an upbeat Celebration of Life, or an intimate gathering just for the family, we will handle all the details for you. 

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