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Are you aware that the Catholic Church allows cremation? Our informative brochure takes an in-depth look at the changes within the Church and the effects they have had. The brochure is free and you’ll learn more about cremation and where the Catholic Church stands.

Plus, we’re experts at serving Catholics, whether a traditional burial or cremation is selected.

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Where the Church Stands

There are many reasons for using a church cemetety. It is consecrated ground shared with other brothers and sisters from the Catholic community. Religious celebrations in the cemetery affirm the Catholic belief that prayer, on behalf of the souls of deputed loved ones, is worthwhile. 

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Because traditional funeral rites are intended to honor the body of the deceased, it is still preferred by the Catholic Church that the physical body of the deceased be present during Mass. After the traditional rites of the service have been performed, cremation is carried out. There are two reasons for this practice. The presence of the body at Mass shows reverence for the body and contributes toward the belief in resurrection of the body and the promise of eternal life. For relatives and friends it is an opportunity to view the body, express condolences and come to terms with the passing of their loved one. 

The phenomenon of cremation is still largely unfamiliar and emotionally uncomfortable for some Catholics. Although cremation has been a practice of the Catholic Church since 1963, restrictions allowed very few Catholics to choose it. In recent years, changes to these conditions made by the Catholic Church have enabled cremation to 6e considered an acceptable option. 

The remains are to be treated with dignity and respect, placing them in a worthy vessel for interment. Once burial rites are held, cremated remains are to receive appropriate disposition in the form of traditional in-ground burial in a private or Catholic cemetery, or entombment in an aboveground columbarium niche, crypt or mausoleum. Interment in this manner allows for permanent memorialization of the deceased, as well as providing a place of visitation and prayer for family members and friends. The presence of a site marker or plaque plays an important role in aiding family and friends with the grieving and healing processes that occur with the loss of a loved one.

Catholic Choices for Cremation 

The Order of Christian Funerals, 

Appendix 2: Cremation, 

gives instructions for three different possibilities: 

  1. When cremation takes place following the Funeral Liturgy 
  2. When cremation and committal take place following the Funeral Liturgy 
  3. When the cremated remains are present during the Funeral Liturgy

In the case of the third option, the cremated remains are to be placed bi a worthy vessel on a small stand positioned where the casket normally would be. The urn may be carried to its place in the entrance procession or may be placed at the front of the Catholic Church before the liturgy begins. 

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Cremation for Catholics 

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